Welcome to Vail Veils

First off, yes, we are in Vail. The hot, dry Sonoran Vail (Arizona), not the winter wonderland (Colorado). Vail Veils offers handcrafted infinity scarves made of laces in many colors and varieties, single and double loops.  Fashionable, and fun! As an added bonus for Catholic women, each infinity scarf becomes a veil, suitable for all liturgical functions without being dowdy. Tradition, reimagined!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Vail Veils

  1. It is a pitty you restrict your business to only infinity veils. large busted women cannot wear them. My mantilla has never made me look dowdy. You may want to re think the incendiary remark that we who do not use infinity veils are dowdy. I came looking for a nice veil and was greeted with an insult. shame on you.


  2. Sorry you took the observation that way, Patricia. Here at Vail Veils our first testers are my 3 daughters (ages 23, 19, and 16) and their young friends. Its so lovely to see the old tradition of head-covering being embraced, in whatever form (infinity veil, scarf, mantilla, hat) by YOUNG PEOPLE. And young people do not want to look dowdy (unfashionable and without style in appearance). Can we agree that dowdy does exist? In my house we have infinity veils, hats, and classic mantillas. Inevitably, the girls choose infinity veils around here, because they want to have a youthful style.

    There was no insult implicit or implied towards your mantilla. Hope the rest of your day is filled with more pleasant encounters! God bless!


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